City of Angels 

Childrens’ Charities & Scholarships 

O.C. and Robbie Smith Education Foundation 

City of Angels Children’s Charities & Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit organization, Fed. ID# 95-4032945

The purpose of our Foundation is to assist young high school graduates and continuing college students in their quest for higher education.

When organization was founded/ organization background

The City of Angels Children’s Charities & Scholarship Foundation was founded in October, 1985 by O.C. and Robbie Smith. Robbie Smith and the City of Angels organization continue to promote their interests in the spiritual as well as academic development of today’s young people.

To date, City of Angels Children’s Charities & Scholarship Foundation has helped hundreds of students graduate from universities and colleges.

Where our students can be found

In various fields, enrolled and graduated from such institutions as Harvard, University of Southern California, Dillard University, Le Tournue University, Spelman University, Morehouse, Georgetown University, Grambling State University, University of California at Berkeley, Colorado State University, San Diego State, U.C. Santa Barbara, Cal State Northridge, Clark University, Drake, Cal State East Bay, Cal State Long Beach, University of Michigan, Florida State and others.

How funds are raised

Our organization has fund raising events that are for the sole purpose of creating means by which monies are generated for the foundation’s purposes. Concerts, dinners, donations, auctions, walk-a-thons, seminars, and corporate sponsorships are a few of the avenues used to meet our goals.

Previous donor names include:

The late Wilt Chamberlain, the late Joseph Patton, the late June Eckstein, the late Edgar Twine, the current Donna Bryan, Dora Smith, Yvonne English, Minnie Jackson, Frieda Rentie, Frank Hayes, Carol Brewer, Erik Williams, Debra Tate, Bonnie Dykes, and many more generous givers.

How funds are used

City of Angels Children’s Charities & Scholarship Foundation provides scholarships for graduating high school seniors whose intent are to go to college; as well as, continuing college students who deserve support throughout their college career. Additional targets for scholarship recipients includes emphasis on single parent children, underprivileged and foster child programs. All students who meet the minimum requirements are invited to apply. Minimum requirements are specified on the scholarship application attachments.

What is our greatest need:

Your individual donations for the financing of scholarships are greatly appreciated.

For further information contact City of Angels @ (310) 337-1113, FAX (310) 337-0579

Continuing College Student Application 

High School Student Application