As Birth and Transition:

As Birth and Transition:

From the first breath until the last…what is in between is the space we call life. Each breath we take is a new opportunity to live this life and experience it at the highest-level possible. We can see that as being, feeling, experiencing love for God, self, all humanity without fear or favor.  Such an event can last for a second, a day or a lifetime.  It is our choice.  In our walk in this time and space we choose how we experience the breaths we take.  Each day can be a new birth or we can die slowly by killing our dreams.  We can deny life’s pleasures by sleeping with pain and misery.  We can choose to linger and languish in regrets. We can scream with pain and anger and die a painful death daily.  We get to choose.

Beauty breaks anew with every new dawn.  Rest and repose awaits to calm our clamoring senses.  We get to know the secret word.  We hold the key that unlocks the treasure vault. We have the winning ticket. Each one of us is the creator of our fate this life; this new birth is a realization that …I am as new, claiming a new birth. I am seizing the opportunity to love my creator and myself just as I am today. I see my world with everything and everyone in it.  Today I see the beauty. Today, I now feel a new vibration of life.

I let go of fear and limitation. When old fears knock on the door of my consciousness I answer with confidence and faith. I declare a new resident now resides where fear and limitation once lived and ran amok. When the universe sends me messages of doom and gloom, I delete, erase or ignore. I allow negativity to dissipate into the nothingness that spewed it out. My new lovely, loving thoughts have life and a new birth. The old ideas and thought patterns die. They are transitioned and give way to love, light and illumination for all time.  I choose to remember, I have a choice. I am a new being. The old ideas may linger, I recognize their appearance and make daily decisions to choose wisely. I stay in the light. Old ideas slowly gradually die and dissipate into the nothingness from which they came.

Today I choose to walk in the world as my light shines brightly. I choose to see love in everyone and everything.  I realize I have the ability to think, to reason, to choose and to create.

Rev. Dr. Delores Storey


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