It is No Secret … What God Can Do with Dr. OC Smith (5 CD set)


CD 1 –   Lesson: “You Are Wonderful”  01-12-86
                Featured Song: “Close to You”
                Running Time:  39:28

CD 2 –   Lesson: “There Is A Way”  12-08-85
                Featured Song: “Just A Little More Love”
                Running Time:  42:38

CD 3 –   Lesson: “Thoughts Are Things”  11-17-85
                Featured Song: “Gonna Build A Mountain”
                Running Time:  42:02

CD 4 –   Lesson: “The Christ In You”  12-22-86
                Featured Song: “The Christmas Song”
                Running Time:  44:21

CD5 –    Lesson: “Say Yes To Life”  01-05-86
                Featured Song: “He”
                Running Time:  45:10



Audio 5 CD Set

You Are Wonderful – Audio CD #1
  The Kingdom of Heaven dwells within us. We are conditioned to feel happy or sad according to our experiences. Relate to all experiences feeling your inner beauty, and that you are complete, whole and wonderful.

There Is A Way – Audio CD #2
  It is vital for us to turn within to recognize God’s presence within each and everyone of us. Life is to be lived joyously, lovingly, and happily, because that is what God is.

Thoughts Are Things – Audio CD #3
  Fear and all of its children, worry, doubt, regret, and resentment are the darkness. Love and all of its children, peace, joy, harmony are the Light (the light of understanding who you are. We become aware of the fact that we are children of the all mighty God. Our thoughts about ourselves, about our life determine if we are living in the Light or the darkness.

The Christ In You – Audio CD #4
  Express your divinity with God. How much peace is within you, how happy can you be, how much love do you express. The “I AM” is what Moses called God and you are that “I AM”. I am that I AM. You are that I AM. God is abundance and there are no limits to my good. The greatest gifts are life, love, peace, health.

Say Yes To Life -Audio CD #5
  When you say yes to life, Life says yes to you. Say yes to the God intelligence which lies within you. You can do anything you want as long as you say yes. You can turn to this inner being presence of God at anytime. Ask it to guide and lead you. Don’t ask for things. See it already done. Say yes to God. It never fails us.

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