O.C. Smith’s 12 Disciples
(12 CD Set) w/ Song CD


Reverend OC Smith speaks upon this beautiful series regarding the 12 Disciples. This is the metaphysical interpretation of the meaning of the 12 Disciples and speaks of Jesus symbolizing the presence of God as Christ in each and every one of us.

O.C. Smith’s Metaphysical Interpretation of the 12 Disciples
Rev. O.C. Smith
Our 12 Spiritual Powers
That Represent Jesus’ 12 Disciples

City of Angels Church of Religious Science
Dr. Robbie G. Smith
Senior Minister

Executive Producer: Dr. Robbie G. Smith
Producer: Mark Cargil
Arrangers: Gregory Cook and Mark Cargil

Song CD is a gift for the purchase of the 12 disciples CD.



Audio 12 CD Set

Faith/Peter – Audio CD #1
Strength/Andrew – Audio CD #2
Judgement/James, Son of Zebedee – Audio CD #3
Love/John – Audio CD #4
Power/Phillip -Audio CD #5
Imagination/Bartholomew or Nathaniel – Audio #6
Understanding/ Thomas – Audio CD #7
Order/James, Son of Alpheus – Audio CD #8
Zeal/Simon – Audio #9
Will/Matthew – Audio CD #10
Reununciation & Elimination/Thaddeus – Audio CD #11
Generative Life/Judas – Audio CD #12

Songs on Music CD

1. It’s a Good Day
2. If the World Should End Tomorrow
3. It is No Secret
4. The Lord’s Prayer
5. Look for The Silver Lining
6. On a Wonderful Day
7. Let there be Peace on Earth
8. If You Believe
9. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
10. When You’re Smiling
11. How Sweet It is
12. Nature Boy

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