Your Life is in Your Hands with Dr. OC Smith (5 CD set)


CD 1 –   Lesson: “Abundance”  02-04-01
                Featured Song(s): “If You Believe” and “Center Of My Joy”
                Running Time:  31:50

CD 2 –   Lesson: “Newness”  02-25-01
                Featured Song: “Gonna Build A Mountain”
                Running Time:  36:12

CD 3 –   Lesson: “First Class Living”  03-11-01
                Featured Song: “If I Ruled The World”
                Running Time:  35:54

CD 4 –   Lesson: “Expansion”  04-01-01
                Featured Song(s): “This Little Light of Mine” and “Center Of My Joy”
                Running Time:  34:14

CD5 –    Lesson: “Congregation Songs”  2001
                Running Time:  10:44



Audio 5 CD Set

Abundance – Audio CD #1
  It is necessary to have a consciousness of abundance in order to have a greater vision of Life. In the Bible the Law of sowing and reaping “As you sow so shall you reap”.

Newness – Audio CD #2
  Lift your feelings about yourself and your possibilities. Live your life from a new perspective. See yourself rich, healthy, etc. and claim it. This is God’s Will and it is for your highest good.

First Class Living – Audio CD #3
  It is not necessary for you to settle for 2nd class living. You have not claimed that you are God’s heir when you do. Jesus taught “All that the Father has is mine”. You must believe it.

Expansion – Audio CD #4
  Expand your vantage point of life, have great conversation within yourself. Forgive those who spitefully use you until all the pain is out of yourself. Forgive yourself for holding resentment. Love the person in your mind. God will and does love us more.

Congregational Songs -Audio CD #5
  Favorite congregational songs with a brief affirmation included.

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